Instructional Recommendation(IR) and Common Wrong Answer Feedback(CWAF)

IR-CWA is a crowdsourcing project where we crowdsource Instructional Recommendations and Common Wrong Answer Feedbacks from experienced teachers for problems in EngageNY and IllustrativeMathematics curricula in grade 7 and grade 8.

What is an Instructional Recommendation(IR)?

IR are recommendations a teacher would make to a fellow teacher when their students struggle with a problem. IR helps teachers figure out the next steps in an expedited fashion by providing a teacher with insight into what a fellow teacher would do if their students struggled with the same problem.

What is a Common Wrong Answer Feedback(CWAF)?

CWAF is specific feedback provided to a student when they answer the problem with a common wrong answer. A CWAF is more precise than a hint or an explanation provided as part of the feedback in the current implementation of formative feedback in the ASSISTments platform.

The image above shows the teacher's view of a problem in ASSISTments that several students have worked on. We can see that 746 students have attempted the problem so far, and 25.87% of them answered the question correctly. 553 students gave an incorrect answer, and 40%(226) gave the first Common Wrong Answer(CWA), 1/5. We can see that teacher Jane Doe has provided a CWAF for the problem, and teacher John Doe read the feedback and found it helpful. The tool also allows the user to write new feedback of their own or comment on the preexisting feedback that can range from agreeing with it to pointing out its shortcomings.